Collector Garu
Collector Garu
Chitra, K J Yesudas, Mano, Malgadi Shubha
5 Tracks
Telugu Music

About Album: Collector Garu is a Telugu Album. Collector Garu album songs are sung by Singers Chitra and Others. Collector Garu contains 5 tracks which are available for download or play online in HD Quality. The Songs of Collector Garu are Entha Manchi Vadivayya, Donga Jabili Icchipo, Boddu Kindha Cheera Katti, Janma Nicchinandhuku, Maasha Alla Maasha Alla, . Here you can download all Collector Garu Songs by Chitra for Free on 5abiMusic.com.

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Track List

  1. 1Entha Manchi Vadivayya Chitra  
  2. 2Donga Jabili Icchipo Chitra  
  3. 3Boddu Kindha Cheera Katti Mano  
  4. 4Janma Nicchinandhuku K J Yesudas  
  5. 5Maasha Alla Maasha Alla Chitra  
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