The Gambler [Promo CD]
The Gambler [Promo CD]
Preet Harpal
8 Tracks
Punjabi Music

About Album: The Gambler [Promo CD] Punjabi Songs Download Soota, PG, B.A.Pass, Zindagi, Busy Aan, Balam, Dariya, Red Suit. Artists of this album Preet Harpal

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Track List

  1. 1Soota Preet Harpal  
  2. 2PG Preet Harpal  
  3. 3B.A.Pass Preet Harpal  
  4. 4Zindagi Preet Harpal  
  5. 5Busy Aan Preet Harpal  
  6. 6Balam Preet Harpal  
  7. 7Dariya Preet Harpal  
  8. 8Red Suit Preet Harpal  

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